Micromeritics SediGraph® III 5125 Plus

Micromeritics SediGraph® III 5125 Plus
Product no. 512-50000-00

SediGraph III Plus - X-Ray Sedimentation

Sedimentation velocity of suspended particles can be obtained by measuring the concentration of particles remaining in suspension with time. This technique measures the distribution of equilibrium velocities of particles settling through a liquid under the influence of gravity. Stokes’ law relates these velocities to particle diameters for spherical particles. Non-spherical particles are measured in terms of the diameter of a sphere of the same material that settles at the same velocity in the same suspension liquid.

This analyzer combines the proven SediGraph analytical technique with advanced instrumentation features to provide superior repeatability, accuracy, and reproducibility. The SediGraph III directly measures mass by x-ray absorption and determines particle size by direct measurement of settling velocity. Direct measurements require no modeling.

  • Particle size range of 0.1 to 300 μm
  • Complete particle accountability
  • Features lifetime warranty (7 years) on the x-ray tube
  • Optional MasterTech 052 autosampler provides unattended analysis of up to 18 samples 

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